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Go-Organic.co.za is South Africa’s premier organic website, directory and marketing company. We trade locally and internationally in bulk organic products. Go-Organic.co.za is a private, commercial organization committed to social and economic upliftment.

International Bulk Trade

We source and trade in all mainstream and niche market, certified organic and wild-harvested products from retail fresh to industrial to processed. Our suppliers are certified to international standards.

If you’re selling an organic commodity, product or brand, we look for a buyer for you.

If the organic commodity you need is not already grown in South Africa we look at growing it on contract or we can source it for you from our international network of suppliers.

Contact us now: info@Go-Organic.co.za

Local Industry

Our directory lists people involved in the local organic industry, from certifiers to consultants to shops and markets and producers. To be on our organic directory for a small monthly fee, list here

Our philosophy and the organic brand opportunity

Organic agriculture is one of the best means of creating sustainable social and economic upliftment.

Behind every product is a story to tell, often one of hope, cooperation, overcoming adversity and renewed pride and dignity. We can research and provide these stories to add value to your brand or you can support one of our brands that are under development.

For more, contact info@go-organic.co.za

Other services

Technical and market research
Brand identity development and management
Packaging design and production

About South Africa
South Africa has:
Abundant resources ideal for organic agriculture
Range of climates and soil types to grow a variety of products
Popular developing market
Economic growth of +-5% since 2004
Advanced technology and infrastructure
Established sea, air and land infrastructure for access to global markets

Find out more at: www.southafrica.info
Coming Events

Green Building Annual Convention
2 - 6 November 2015 South Africa, Cape Town, CTICC

Simei World Leader in Wine Technology Exhibition
3 - 6 November 2015 Italy, Fiera Milano (Rho)

The 10th Annual SAEEC (South African Energy Efficiency Convention)
11 - 12 November 2015 South Africa, Gauteng, Emperors Palace

Street Food Convention
12 - 13 November 2015 Germany, Messe, Nürnberg

8th Agrofood Exhibition
16 - 16 November 2015 Iraq, Erbil, International Fair Ground, Kurdistan Region

Natural and Organic Products Europe
17 - 18 April 2016 ExCel, London

Food Africa Cairo
4 - 7 May 2016 Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Cairo, Egypt

We call it nourishment for communities because it's going to put lots of healthy local organic food on local plates AND grow local economies.

Every week customers ask us for organic food and other products. Every week small-scale organic farmers ask for our help to sell organic food. And these requests are from all over South Africa.
Until now no-one has made it easy for the two to find each other. Even mainstream retail stores are not the answer.
So we at Go-Organic.co.za are very proud to launch our GO-ORGANIC™ LOCAL TRADER brand.

Our goal is to have one Go-Organic Local Trader serving each and every town and area all over South Africa, selling organic food from our network of Go-Organic Local Suppliers. By connecting small scale organic producers with customers in their area this has the potential to create 7,000 jobs.

Find your Local Trader here…
Become a Local Trader here…
Become a Local Supplier here…
Become a National Supplier here…

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The desire to have products that are kind to the skin and whose origin is the natural world of the Baltic countries and Finland  ....more
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